Sunday, August 27, 2006

yonkers fringe summer

It's been yonkers since I did a proper posting..that's the problem with summer and the edinburgh festival. I was out today to hear Vikram Chandra read and discuss his new book, and last night I went to a celebration of the life of piper and fiddler Martyn Bennett. In between I have done a hip hop workshop and been out drinking and carousing in the city. This is the last day of the Fringe and it looks like it has been another fantastic success all round. I spent a lot of time at the Book Festival and even saw Jeanette Winterston and Ian Rankine wandering around. The only complaint has to be the price of a glass of very ordinary vino at £4.00 a pop and a plastic sandwich at a momentous £3.95. there has to be something more imaginative than a glug filled between two bits of white sweet bread. ..talkin of is indeed something that is that...two great singers givin it laldy

Tracy Chapman and Natalie Merchant In the Ghetto live mp3


Blogger Greg said...

Hey Grrl! Several nice posts.... Been too busy to visit as often as I usu. like. Drop by my blog; couple of pix from my summer vacash.

4:20 pm  
Blogger Ekko said...

Dang! I was too late to cop this!! It looks like it would have been great, though....

8:17 pm  
Blogger crazychica136 said...

is there any way you could email me this song?! i have been looking EVERYWHERE and i cannot find it! it's not on itunes either!!

4:37 am  

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